18×24 inch Charcoal portrait of the timeless Nina Simone. This piece will be followed up by a painting so stay tuned.



This is a piece I made for an art show back in November 2015. I love this piece especially because it came out even better than what I imagined. All glory to The Almighty. I titled it “Original Woman” because as many anthropologists and scientists have discovered, the Black Woman is in fact the original woman of this Earth and her importance to the world far exceeds any description I can give. The media is acrylic paint and spray paint on 3×4 foot plywood.

Huey-Newton“Huey” 18×24 inch charcoal portrait of The Minister of Defense for the Original Black Panther party, Huey Newton. All praises and honor to The Almighty and my ancestors for being generous enough to pass down this gift.


10271297_882803431754597_7220206260220970269_oMy portrait of Stokely Carmichael featured in Harvard University’s “Transition” magazine, an international, political and cultural magazine. All praises and supplications to The Most High and the ancestral greatness that was passed down from generation to generation. And thank all of you, even the naysayers for your support and motivation.


“Mr. Carmichael” 36×48 portrait of the Civil Rights activist and Black Panther Stokely Carmichael. Media: Spray paint and Acrylic paint. $1,500 or best offer. All praises and honor to The Most High for cultivating my gift.

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John Coltrane portrait by Angelo

“Coltrane” by Angelo P. Hopson 24×36 inch portrait of Music Legend John Coltrane. Medias: Acrylic paint, Spray paint and color pastel. For sale $1,200 or the highest bidder. After almost three days I’m finally done. All credit to the Most High. Talent is an exercised gift.

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Malcolm X Bookmark

After a long wait the custom made Malcolm X bookmarks are here! Get yours today for $5 (shipping included). Thank you for the continued love and support! Click the link below to order

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